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The European Casting Studio Deutschland


The Studio brings together free-lance casting directors:
WHO mostly come from directing and run castings with their talent in directing actors.
WHO work seriously but do not take themselves too seriously.
WHO have worked in castings for movies, TV films and advertisements.
WHO have strong networks in French and German cinema.
WHO combine skills in dramaturgy, directing, filming, editing, and experiences in writing, directing, acting and production, therefore the understanding of how an actor can fill the needs of the camera, the dramaturgy and a market.

The Studio is an initiative of Charlotte Roustang:
Born in 1977 in Paris, Charlotte followed from the age of 7 different acting classes. Later, she got a Master of Science in Management from the Business School of Toulouse and a bachelor's degree in Cinema from the University Paris 8. She followed several master classes in script development (Robert McKee, John Truby). Since 2001, she has worked as actor for theater, reader, production assistant, director assistant and casting director for cinema, TV and advertisement. She directed documentaries, short films, image films and developed scripts for the cinema. Her experiences took place in France, Germany, UK, US, Benin. In 2005, she founded Collectif Prod, which has become one of the most important french organization to support the young cinema.

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Nationalität Frankreich

Sprachen Französisch (Muttersprache), Englisch (fließend), Deutsch (gut), Spanisch (Grundkenntnisse)

Geboren 1977, Paris, Frankreich, Île de France

Kontakt eMail (privat)

+49 170 968 44 76 +49 170 968 44 76 +49 170 968 44 76 Telefon (privat)

+33 6 63 26 08 25 +33 6 63 26 08 25 +33 6 63 26 08 25 Handy

+49 170 968 4476 +49 170 968 4476 +49 170 968 4476 Telefon (Büro) eMail (Büro)

Mahlower Straße 32, Neukölln

12049 Berlin

By Instinctive Film
Torstr. 125

10119 Berlin

By Soleil Vert Production
28 rue de la Dhuis

75020 Paris


Sprachen Französisch (Muttersprache), Englisch (fließend), Deutsch (gut), Spanisch (Grundkenntnisse)



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